Meet Milo's Staff

While Milo is the star of the show, his hard-working and devoted staff work to support him every day of the year. Meet his extraordinary team of veterinarians, nutritionists, farriers, saddlery and tack experts, feed suppliers, trainers, handlers, volunteers, costume designers, and more on this page in the future.

Thank you to everyone who invites us in to their lives, schools, homes, and parties to bring the magic of unicorns through the love of a horse's heart to Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Jennifer Carrillo


Will Friday

Horse Nutrition & Massage

It is our joy and delight to be able to help such an incredible animal to bring his message to the world.

Our Mission

Milo the Unicorn and his staff are devoted to the promotion of symbiotic, positive, and educational, human and animal interactions where humans can learn to respect the intelligence, emotions, and personalities of horses while reducing their own fear, ignorance, and stigmas.


Our Vision

You'll never meet a real unicorn in the wild, just as you won't meet over 5 billion other species of animals. Humanity has devastated 60% of the Earth's animal populations since 1970 with animal extinction rates soaring at 100-1000 times historical averages.

We believe that by helping people to love and care about horses through educational encounters, celebrations, and memories, we can help to increase their quality of life and remind humans that other species matter too.

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Milo the Unicorn

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