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Unicorn Parties & More

Party Like a Unicorn

Milo the Magical Unicorn and Tinkerbell the Fairy Pony Unicorn LOVE to party and adore children. Both of our unicorns and their entertainment staff are available for entertaining at unicorn theme birthday parties, medieval fantasy themed events, Renaissance Faires, weddings, film and photography print shoots, LGBT / LGBTQ / Gay Pride events, parades, fairs, library summer reading programs, educational elementary school shows, and brand launch parties in Ventura County, California and Los Angeles County.

Scroll down to learn more about our unicorns to make your day more magical!

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Choose Your Unicorn Celebration

Milo the Unicorn's entertainment staff are the ultimate creative collaborators and can help you with making your next real unicorn print or Los Angeles film project memorable. Here are some of our most popular real unicorn parties and appearance offerings in Southern California; you can also design your own!

Unicorn Birthday Party

1 Hour or More

Unicorn Photos

 Lead Rides

Horse Facts

Basic Horse Safety

Unicorn Photo Shoot

30 Minutes

Simi Valley, CA Location

The Ultimate Photo Experience

Pose Next to a Unicorn

Perfect For Families

Unicorn Suprise Visit

30 Minutes or More

Engagement Proposals

Brand Activations

Quinceañera Grand Entries

Wedding Entries

Unicorn Zoom Show

Fully Online

Unicorn Story Books

Magic Show

Horse Facts

Animal Care Educuation

Contemporary Styled Neon Rainbow Unicorn

Celebrate with ALL the colors! This outfit explodes with bright, vibrant colors. It includes a shimmering rhinestone accent neon rainbow blanket underneath a pink or black saddle with brightly colored bows adorned in Milo's mane. 

Curly ribbons have been discontinued and replaced with colorful JoJo Siwa style 2" bows in the mane for unicorn comfort as of Apr. 2020.

Pastel Pink and Purple Royal Medieval Outfit

Filled with Milo's favorite color combination, this outfit will make your princess' day magical. The outfit includes a pastel pink and purple medieval caparison underneath a pink leather saddle. Always dressed to impress, he is dusted in glitter and is adorned with a beautiful faux flower garland around his neck.

Please note that if temperature is above 82 degrees (F) the caparison will not be on the unicorn to prevent heat illness.

Glitterati Pegasus

Milo's favorite costume! It's so much fun to chase other horses in - or just make a BIG entrance with! His Glitterati Pegasus outfit includes a glitter and swirl shimmering gold blanket, sparkling gold accents, white couture leather accents, and majestic white wings. When Milo is an Alicorn (that's a Unicorn Pegasus) he cannot offer rides and is able to pose for photos with guests standing next to him only.

Wedding Unicorn

Elegant, timeless, and classic - you can ride in to your wedding or reception on a stunning unicorn! This package is suitable for brides who are interested in taking sidesaddle riding lessons before their big day. We supply a stunning vintage sidesaddle on Milo with timeless accessories to make an elegant photo impact.

Battle Unicorn

While Milo loves his colorful outfits, he keeps a set of black armor around to live out his Goth fantasies. This incredible film-ready outfit comes with all black and gray accessories: leather woven armor, medieval saddle pad, brier thorn tooled leather bridle, and a real knight's saddle. His horn is typically gunmetal gray when worn with this outfit.

Make Halloween perfect when you convert this to a Headless Horseman package!

Headless Horseman on Horse Photo - Los A

Unicorn Princess Package Combo

Combine a visit from Milo the Unicorn with a regal Unicorn Princess party character!

Human party characters like fairies and princesses are a stunning addition to your event with story time, interactive fantasy and unicorn themed games, optional craft upgrades, and stunning photo-ready meet and greet time.

Purple Unicorn Princess Ballgown - Unico
Unicorn Pony for Birthday Party Los Angeles

Fairy Character & Pegasus Appearances

Halloween with Milo the Unicorn and Good

Halloween Unicorn Parties & Candy Delivery Services

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