Milo the Unicorn

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Photography provided by Jennifer Carrillo Photography and Pexels.

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Milo The Unicorn:

Unicorn Parties in LA

Facts and Photos of Our Star Steed

Free Unicorn Sightings & Appearances

Birthdays, Brand Launches, and More

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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn….then always be a unicorn!

Milo The Unicorn

Free Unicorn Sightings

Do you or your child want to meet a real unicorn? Now you can!

The following public meet and greet encounters with Milo the Unicorn are FREE. Just RSVP and show up to take a quick photo standing next to Milo on your own camera!

We ask that you help make your unicorn sighting magical by:

  1. Being polite and respecting the time of Milo the Unicorn's staff. When they need to leave, they need to go.

  2. Listening to Milo's staff regarding him being pet, fed, approached, etc. Only his staff, not you or your child etc., have "say" on his care and interactions with others.

  3. Leaving any dog(s) at home.

  4. Not monopolizing the experience. Unicorn sightings are not private photo shoots. If you wish to book a private unicorn photo shoot please contact us to do one on another day.

  5. Tagging us on our social media in photos you take.

  6. Leaving a 5 star review on our Yelp for helping you to experience this special opportunity.

  7. Understanding that we reserve the right to share, post, etc. any photos or portions thereof taken with Milo at our free unicorn sightings in places like our website, social media, or in news collaborations without any further compensation, credit, or consent from you.

  8. Not using any photos with or of Milo the Unicorn at our public events for commercial sale or in any form of defamatory  posts against him, his staff, or animals.

Life is too short to have a bad day. Any child or other person(s) displaying aggression, behavior issues (foul words, screaming, kicking, etc.), bad attitudes, violence, threats, or other harassment to Milo the Unicorn or his team will be asked to leave.

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