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Meet Tinkerbell!

When you wish upon a star...

A symbol of fantasy and grace, the unicorn has been a creature of legend since ancient times. Present in folklore and still seen in modern fiction, they possess a magical horn, healing capabilities…and the ability to remind us all that if you wish upon a star, your very own wish might just come true.

Not all animals who lack in resources lack in love. Such is the case of this pretty little mare.


Farm animals and equines such as horses and ponies were particularly hard hit by COVID-19 work prohibition sanctions. Across America workers were prohibited from working or running "non essential" businesses but were not forgiven on expenses such as mortgages, taxes, or even basic operating expenses like food and water for animals. As "two weeks of quarantine" moved in to months most American farmers, riding instructors, and other large animal owners and guardians were faced with a horrible choice: sell their animals or become homeless or bankrupt. Some horses and ponies were lucky and found new homes, but thousands of other beloved riding school mounts and children's pets in America were shipped to auction and, for many, to filthy and terrifying slaughter houses before being eaten by people overseas.

Tinkerbell's animal guardian dearly loved her and did what she could to keep this sweet pony away from the dreaded slaughter pen, moving her to the cheapest stable, looking for lower cost lodgings for herself, and making hard decisions on pulling back on the pony's care expenses to try to keep the mare “just one more month.” Ultimately, she too had to make the hard decision: let go of her beloved pony and hope that someone would protect her from the kill pen's stench or lose everything herself. The choice was devastating and on the darkest days the woman would stand and hug Tinkerbell while softly singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” and wishing for the right person to find them.

Thankfully, her wish was heard and our team was notified about this very loved mare who had fallen on hard times. As luck would have it, we had a large, spacious, stall available that would be just perfect for the little pony. We dispatched out our team of specialists to her and lathered her in love and care: fixing sharp teeth that had become overgrown, nurturing her abscessed hooves back to health, providing custom supplies just right for her little size, and delivering much needed annual vaccinations and worming. Over the process of months of daily work with our team she blossomed from a loved pony fallen on hard times to the radiant, polished, princess pony that she always was, in mind, body, and heart.

Tinkerbell not only brings delight to every path she crosses, but also illustrates how important it is to be kind to animals and the importance that animal guardians play in keeping animals safe, even when they can no longer care for the animal themselves.


We know you'll love this small, smart, and sassy pony just as much as we do - she truly captures the whimsical aspect of unicorn beauty for everyone she meets.


Birthday: January 1, 2013

Breed: Welsh Pony

Color: Gray

Height: 11.2 Hands (about 3'8" tall)

Gender: Mare (adult female)

Favorite Food: ANYTHING.

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