Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the only thing more amazing than being a unicorn? Being smart. This page is for helping you to learn all about hosting a unicorn party or event with Milo so that you can be a savvy steed too!

How are you dealing with COVID / Coronavirus?

We adhere to federal, state, and local official guidelines and our human staff members wear face coverings or masks. During quarantine lockdowns and "safer at home" advisories we recommend limiting events to your family and close friends, around 10 people, at this time. If you will be holding a small in person gathering and would like more information on what we expect of you as it relates to your event and COVID, please CLICK HERE.


Our digital / online / virtual Zoom calls and other computer-based interactions for up to 99 people (or screens) are not impacted by COVID and proceed as usual as they intrinsically have social distancing built in.


Domestic animals (like horses) have not been shown to be carriers of COVID per the CDC.

What does the money raised from unicorn parties pay for?

100% of post-expense (taxes, gas bills, website billing, yay....) income made from Milo the Unicorn parties go directly back to his care to provide him with a life of love, luxury, and pampering. On average, 70%+ of income from in person parties with Milo goes directly to Milo's care. This is significantly better than most famous animal welfare charities that only give a paltry 4-27% of their fundraising income to actual animals. By choosing our team for your event you're helping us to champion the concept that animals should be taken care of and compensated fairly and well for their work.


During Coronavirus quarantines our helpers are donating their own working hours so that 100% of all income raised from unicorn Zoom calls can go directly to Milo's care.

Does Milo like his job?

Does a horse like carrots??? Yes, do does. He REALLY likes his job. In fact, when he doesn't have parties to go to he gets sad as in droopy tail, non glitterific, "what am I doing with my life?" emo LA actor working part time as a stand up comic sad. Milo loves kids and really loves being with his staff.... when those two super powers combine it's magic. You can typically tell when he's really happy because he perks his ears up and smiles at the camera, the guests, the champagne, basically everything.

How is Milo trained or worked with?

All methods we use are founded in symbiotic respect with Milo and the natural behaviors that his species uses in the wild. His staff uses positive reinforcement methods such as verbal praise, petting, and treats to encourage him to try new things. You might not realize it but our staff spends months to years finding and getting each new unicorn by "interviewing" them to see what they like to do and if the celebrity party lifestyle is what they'd enjoy. Their happiness and well being is our top priority and is something we meticulously obsess over. Overall horses are naturally smart and social animals who love doing things (much like many dogs). We love helping him to develop his intelligence in order to lead a full, happy, life in a human run world. Our approach is to let Milo investigate a new item or situation with his natural curiosity, accept it, and praise him for it so that he gains confidence and has a calm and positive outlook on life.


Can Milo talk?

Milo, like most animals, has his own personality and is particularly proactive in expressing it and his opinions through seventeen different facial expression, a variety of body movements, and levels of specific muscle zone tension. Essentially he talks with his body, just like someone who is deaf might talk with their hands. He also "points" to things of interest with his ears, muzzle, and body and sometimes gently nudges his staff around to direct them to what he needs help with. At other times he might sigh in exasperation or roll his eyes and cock a hip to say "really????" when people are just too slow to understand what he deems to be the logical approach to a situation. His staff acts as his interpreters for him at events to help to tell people what he's saying and also to help people to learn to read / interpret "horse."

Can Milo walk through my house?

As much as he’d like to check out the fridge, unicorn load in and walking paths may NOT go through a house as his weight might damage the floor. He is unshod (meaning naturally balanced hooves) so he's fine on concrete, patios, concrete, grass, astroturf, and other solid surfaces that do not break when bearing weight. HE DOES NOT WALK UP STAIRS. We also don't recommend letting him on the dance floor or in food prep areas either. If your venue requires it he does have a set of plain black horse sneakers that he can wear with rubber anti-skid tread. We find that his natural hooves provide good grip though without damaging or marking surfaces.

How does Milo get to my party?

Milo is chauffeured to your event in his spiffy "Unicorn Limo" which is a luxury horse truck and trailer specifically designed for his needs. Milo needs a blocked off / reserved parking spot with "pull through" or very wide cul de sac parking 60' or longer x 16' wide for his delivery truck and trailer…. that’s about the length of a semi truck. The staff must be allowed to park his "limo" themselves - valets are not trained or qualified to move and park large rigs.

Does he come out of his "Unicorn Limo" fully dressed?

No, like most LA celebrities, he tends to sneak in to parking at events posing as average to avoid detection. That means no sparkles, fab fashion, or horn etc. His staff takes over his makeup and wardrobe once he has arrived and is out of his "Limo," working out of its custom dressing room to prep.

Is Milo a pony?

Milo is a full sized, 15.2 hands high horse. That's average (he'd say exceptional) American horse size for you city folk.

How much room does he need to work in?

  • At least a 20'x20' space is ideal for in place / standing photos such as a back yard, hotel patio, or arena.

  • Any walking riding paths must be 10' wide or wider to accommodate the handlers and unicorn walking shoulder to shoulder while helping your guests in their ride… That’s around the width of a standard truck or large SUV.

  • Any load-in / entry gates must be at least 4’ wide and with a STRAIGHT, flat, path (no 90-degree angles as the unicorn cannot easily make that type of turn) and may NOT be next to any form of cliff or drop off. When we say 4' wide we mean for one gate only.... not an entire long alley way cluttered with air conditioning units, bicycles, catering tables, or anything else you may be trying to hide from guests.

  • If you are inviting other animals (like zebras, petting zoos, camels, alligators, packs of sled dogs, a dinosaur, whatever) to your party please tell us before making a reservation. He does have some specific foreign farm animal friends like camels that we can recommend to you if you are looking for those services.

  • Load in gates must NOT be obstructed in any way what so ever by plants, people, coolers, bikes, toys, pets, trash cans, lighting, air conditioners, ball pits, stages, fireworks, stairs, DJ booths, photo booths, cords, fire pits / sources of flame or glass heating, etc. or within 20 feet of bounce houses or trampolines. We genuinely need flat, cleared, straight load in paths when gates are concerned for the unicorn’s safety. If there is a bounce house directly in front of that path or blocking part of the path, you will need to fully deflate it before we will bring the unicorn through that or any other tight space. Any trampolines, batting cages, or large power inflatables must be shut down if requested by the unicorn’s staff while he loads in to his meet and greet / ride space at your unicorn party.

    • If a load-in gate is insufficient in size then Milo's team will not go through it and will remain in the front entry area/ front yard of the venue to work.

Can Milo dress to match my party?

If you wish for custom accessories (you provide) to be worn by your unicorn such as flowers, a neck wreath, or ribbons that were made to perfectly suit your party's theme we can work with you to have you give those items to the unicorn's staff to integrate with the unicorn's appearance or, alternately, to have you mail them to us before your party so that we can trouble shoot them and figure out how to add them to the unicorn for the best possible photos.

What does Milo's team wear?

They typically wear clothes to match his outfit.

Can I feed Milo? Does he have food?

Unicorn feeding is at the discretion of Milo's staff to ensure that he stays healthy as they monitor it with his vet and nutritionist to make sure that he gets the right food, in the right quantities, each day to stay healthy. Unicorns love to eat pieces of carrot, slices of (sweet) apples, and some even eat silly things like bananas or grapes! We try not to feed unicorns things like sugar cubes, lollipops, or cupcakes though as horses can get diabetes. Milo's team appreciates having access to fresh water to fill up his water bucket with while at your location. Horses, like humans, don't need to eat and drink all day long so, if he's not eating, really, he's fine and just isn't hungry. He has access to unlimited food and water at home and also has "take out" containers in his "limo."

Can the unicorn wander loose at my party for atmosphere?

Unfortunately as much as he'd love to wander over to the buffet, Milo must be either under lead by one of his staff members at all times or secured in his portable play pen at parties to make our insurance carrier happy.

I want the Milo's appearance to be a surprise. How do I prevent my guests from seeing him before the party?

We recommend blocking off a 60'x16' parking spot on an adjacent street from your location (1 block away MAX) where the unicorn team can prepare the unicorn for your party without being seen. If you are doing this please provide us with a "parking address" in addition to your "venue address" so that we know which is which. They can then walk the unicorn around the block to your party to make a surprise appearance.

Where does Milo live?

When not visiting parties our unicorn lives in a large pasture setting with a connected indoor / outdoor horse house where he can play, sunbathe, sleep, and relax in Simi Valley, California. He loves his staff who create games to play for fun and is doted on with daily housekeeping, plenty of brushing, spa days, fresh food and water, and an entire closet full of custom blankets (jackets for horses) for when it gets cold. Should he need it, our unicorn has immediate access to human experts for veterinary, holistic nutrition, massage, hoof, chiropractic, dentistry, acupuncture, behavioral communication, and other specialty care. In the event of a natural disaster or emergency he has his own dedicated rescue personnel and evacuation plans.

Can the unicorn rear on cue?

No. We have not taught him to rear on cue.

What happens if Milo poops?

We recommend keeping our unicorn outside on a grass or dirt surface for this reason. We bring all other needed cleaning supplies. If the unicorn poops then one of the attendants will scoop it up with a rake or shovel and a bucket to dispose of away from your guests. If he pees then his staff has a special broom that they use with a broom to wash it away.

Are riding helmets provided?

Yes, rental equestrian riding helmets are provided for unicorn parties where riding is requested (riding option not available for Milo's Glitterati Pegasus costume). We offer them in a variety of colors and sizes.

Can I ride Milo on the beach for a film shoot?

Yes, but only with a permit from the beach. We recommend a prep day on location before your shoot.

Who can ride a unicorn? Do I need a waiver?

Ages 5+ with a signed equestrian release waiver. A waiver is required for any riders or people physically sitting ON the unicorn. Please have your guests complete the waiver before your party to reduce delays once Milo's team arrives. Riding options are not available for his Glitterati Pegasus look.

Can Milo carry a bride in to her reception or wedding?

Yes. Please tell us if you need a riding unicorn with sidesaddle for a grand entrance as pre-training at his home with the bride and her dress is required to ensure a smooth celebration. Glitterati Pegasus option not available for riding. Milo can also carry a groom up to 250 pounds in weight in to an Indian or Pakistani baraat celebration for weddings too.

Where does Milo go to for unicorn parties?

Milo travels to Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and portions of Orange County and Santa Barbara County in California (United States of America). He even goes to the fabled LA LA Land of Beverly Hills with its associated permit.

Do you offer anything else for unicorn parties?

Yes, we offer unicorn princess characters and our wonderful DIY Cuddle Craft stuffed animal crafts at an extra fee for parties. We highly recommend asking the staff at Sheroes Entertainment for entertainment help - they're the best in the business! 

If you are booking an in-person unicorn service, please be sure to read our COVID / Coronavirus information page.

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