Milo the Unicorn

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Photography provided by Jennifer Carrillo Photography and Pexels.

Meet Milo!

Milo the Magical Unicorn is a gregarious gelding who genuinely believes that he is a real unicorn.


Milo the horse was originally bred by a Mexican charro rider. When he was around 4 years old Milo was sold to a three day eventing trainer who taught him to be brave, to jump (wheee!), and to build strong muscles with dressage (basically pony Pilates for you city folk). While he loved jumping, he loved being told he was fabulous more. He decided that he wanted to be an "event" horse rather than an "eventing" horse and talked his trainer in to finding a home that would let him fully embrace his fashion sense, passion for purple, large ego, and creativity. He dearly loves his job and regularly rearranges his own fly protection clothes to look like a unicorn even when he's not working.


Birthday: January 1, 2008

Breed: Azteca

Color: Gray

Height: 15.2 Hands (about 5'1" tall)

Gender: Gelding (neutered male)

Favorite Food: Carrots