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Coronavirus Specific Appearance Terms

Are you having an in person gathering and COVID / Coronavirus is a concern? Here's what we need your help with to increase safety at your event.

  1. Make sure that all people present your event (including you) wear a mask when 20 ft or less from our staff members, Milo the Unicorn, and any of the equipment / property that we own

  2. It's imperative that you provide access to hand washing areas and hand sanitizer to all people at your event.

  3. Understand that we reserve the right to enlist the help of guests in sanitizing equipment that guests have used to maintain social distancing. e.g. cleaning a helmet, using a disinfectant wipe on something they touched.

  4. We'll expect you to ask any people displaying active cold, fever, COVID, or flu-like symptoms to leave the party to reduce the risk of infection or disease spread to others and know that if a person, regardless of who, is sick that they may not participate in any unicorn or related activities.

  5. Allow our staff member(s) to remain outside in fresh air at all times.

  6. Know that we need to be able to conduct symptom and/or temperature check(s) if any guest or participant is suspected of being ill.

  7. Please don't complain about change made to safety. Instead, help enable our team to adjust things like waiting lines, use of props and equipment, or the manner in which photos are taken to help with social distancing precautions.

  8. Help our staff member(s) to enforce 6' social distancing guidelines with any children or other guests at event.

  9. Normally one of our team acts as a "side walker" right next to a child when they sit on or ride Milo. During COVID we welcome a parent to take this role instead so that their child's personal space is next to a member of their own household. We will also ask parents to take a more active role in lifting their child or children up to sit on Milo to avoid contact with our staff members.

  10. Limit your gathering to a maximum of 10 children.

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